A light in the darkness

img_9556a3Can you remember your childhood days of hiding in a closet?  Once you closed the door you couldn’t see a thing.  If your fear got the best of you and you even barely cracked it open, you suddenly felt different.  Through that tiny crack your darkness changed to light.

This may be somewhat of a stretch, but with all that is going on today in our world the analogy can easily apply to Special Olympics.  It is my opinion for such a time as this, we are positioned to be that light in the darkness.

You see, the Special Olympics movement is filled with people who bring with them a multitude of wonderful gifts.  Many pass along an unsolicited kindness that can only come from knowing the pain of cruelty.  Others share the blessing of a pure and simple joy found in the mere opportunity to fully participate.  Many in our movement offer a gentle strength that exposes goodness in the toughest of circumstances and hope in the very depths of hopelessness.

WE are a movement that is all about the source of light … and what a privilege it is to crack the doors of darkness and invite others in.

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  1. Jeannie Harris

    Randy – it is so true and it is so amazing what that light does to the unsuspecting.

    We were recently saying goodby to our favorite waiter at the marina we stayed at for a few days. Tim went up to him and said I give hugs. Damian, our waiter, hugged Tim and looked at Keith and said, “This man knows that love goes all the way around the world.”

    I think that’s one thing that people get reminded of when they watch their first Special Olympic event. It sure lights up my world.

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