Special Olympics is Happening In You…

To the SONM Board of Directors.

There have been several people in our community as of late who have ssonm-lucheion-005aid to me … “Randy, you have a really good Board!”  I’m not quite sure what they used to make that evaluation, but the truth is – I think they’re right.  Special Olympics New Mexico does have a really good Board, and I’ve decided to use my Thoughts to tell all of my Board members and everyone else who is reading this … why. 

The thing that makes all of you on the Board so good  is something much deeper than the professional skills you bring to the table, your influence, or your ability to govern.  Those are all significant to our success and show a deeper level of Board maturity we have ever had, but the thing that seemingly makes you so effective has everything to do with your transparent and sincere desire to bring the joy of Special Olympics to everyone who wants to play with us.  That sincerity shows up in the kind of words you use, the work you do, the opportunities you create, and your presence at our Games and events.  It is absolutely apparent that Special Olympics is happening in each of you more and more all the time in some way or another … and I believe that is what you are starting to be recognized for. That is what people in our community are seeing, and that is what is making a difference in our organization.

On behalf of our athletes who need you, our families who appreciate you, and this executive director who is inspired by your commitment and blessed by your wisdom … my gratitude.  Your work on this Board is noble and brings hope for those who are still standing on the sidelines labelled “them” yet so much deserve to be participating and considered “us.”

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