“The Special Olympics movement is built upon hundreds of big moments and thryan-puttingousands upon thousands of small ones.”  The first time I read that statement, it rang so loud and true, I had to read it again.  Those words instantly took me back twenty years ago and then to thoughts of yesterday, because that’s what Special Olympics has been in my life, big and small moments, over and over, from day one to now.  The best thing about every single one of those big and small moments of years ago and yesterday is that they come beautifully wrapped in unforgettable names and faces… faces that smile as they play … faces that long to matter … faces void of judgment… faces filled with hope.

This is my thought.  When it’s all said and done, the big and small moments in my life will be  clearly remembered and defined not by the state of our economy or the opinions and testimonials of experts, but by Hector, Sara, David, Marla, Phil, Sunshine, Mary Jean, Michelle, Sebastian, Van, Ryan, Max, Desiree, Lynn, Cynthia, Gabe, Michael, Anthony, Kathleen, Laura Jo, Shaylene, Brooke, Don, Rachel, Diego, Gilbert, Paul, Mary Sue, Melvin, Carlos, James, Robert, Emily, Laura, Chas, Jerry, Joey, Tonia, Billy, Tanner, Randy, John, Stephanie, Diane, Tomi, Jeff, Danielle, Andrew, Elizabeth, Carmella, Ricky, Tamara, Seth, Byron, Ben, Rosie, Candy, Danny, Katie, Levi, Lisa, J.T., Stacy, Robbie, Andrea, Jessica, James, Jesse, Patrick, Sam, Aaron, Mark, Michelle, Whitney, Chad, Hannah, Lynette, Ashli, Crystal, Nathan, Barbara, Tina, Nells, Taylor, Robert, Mario, Jamie, Esteban, Melissa, Heather, Grace, Donny, Gary, Joyce, Eric, Glenn, Brent, Phylisha, Stephen, Camelia, Danny, Elana, Zenus, Cassie, Irene, Britannia, Angelina, Brian, Tim, Beth, Mike, Shelly, Arlo, Addy, Kent, Simon, Tonia, Luciano, Chiquita, Scott, Bernice, Leonard, Emory, Jeffrey, Gail, and Alton … just to name a few.  With these come not only the big and small, but the best moments anyone could ever ask for.


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2 responses to “Moments

  1. KellyL

    This post means a lot to me. The individual athletes are each incredible persons – what a joy to be involved with Special Olympics in New Mexico. Thank you Randy!

  2. thoughtsfromrandy

    Thank you for sharing your wonderful words and for being a part of our Special Olympics family.

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