Last week I took my Mom and Dad to Tip-A-Cop at Applebee’s.  It was a great fundraiser, an even greater friendraiser, tfr-image-32409but most of all, it was really, really, fun.  I laughed my head off watching and listening  to my 80 year old parents laugh like they were kids.  The officers were laughing, our athletes were laughing , and all of the patrons were laughing.  I couldn’t stop watching the expressions of those who came in thinking they were simply going to Applebee’s to have dinner, and I couldn’t stop thinking about how  perceptions and stereotypes were being changed right in front of our faces, largely because people were simply having fun.  Here’s the deal.

“We choose to have fun.  Fun creates enjoyment.  Enjoyment invites participation.  Participation focuses attention.  Attention expands awareness.  Awareness promotes insight.  Insight generates knowledge.  Knowledge facilitates action.  Action yields results.  And it all begins by choosing to have fun.”

I love it when as people we make that choice.  We do that alot in Special Olympics.  It’s one of the things about us that is changing our world.

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