Maybe it was in some way related to the economy.  Maybe it was Presideconnectionnt Obama’s service directive to the American people.  Or maybe it had nothing to do with either of those.  For whatever the reason, this year Special Olympics New Mexico not only had more athletes than ever before at our 2009 State Summer Games – we also had a record number of volunteers. 

Incorporating the act of service in our lives regardless of our age is always a good decision, as well as a healthy one.  There are actually statistics that prove those who volunteer have less tension, lower mortality rates, and lower rates of depression.  Although improving one’s health is always a good reason to give of your time and talent, it’s not the best reason.  The most amazing thing about volunteering, at least  in my opinion, has everything to do with  the “connection”  that happens between people.  When we give of ourselves – we connect with each other.   Problems get solved, new relationships are  formed, old ones are strengthened, and in the process of not having the option of picking whom we want to be connected to – through service to others our eyes see deeper, and our lives uniquely and meaningfully change. 

If you take a good look in your corner of the world, you will see people with and without disabilities traveling through life sadly disconnected from others.  Volunteering is a testimony that our days don’t  have to be that way.  They can be rich, full and purposeful.  With that thought in mind, how connected are you?


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3 responses to “Connection

  1. Landon Martin

    Great article Randy!

    In my opinion you are absolutely correct in your logic. It was absolutely amazing to see that many people in one place and that fast paced, and not a single instance of gang violence, fights between rival teams, etc. etc. etc., what we saw instead, were thousands of people who came together for a common good, and each and everyone we had the good fortune of coming in contact with had a smile on their face and was willing to lend a hand to help in any they could.

    In a time where all we hear about is the troubles with our youth, that clearly was not the issue at the State Games, the showing of volunteerism within the youth was phenomenal.

    Great job Randy! and great job Special Olympics New Mexico!

  2. Deborah

    Obama had nothing to do with more athletes or more volunteers in the Special Olympics 2009 Summer events! Obama was making fun of Special Olympians on Jay Leno just two months ago!!! I would suggest that you leave out the Anti-Christ’s name from your comments in the future. Obama deserves no credit or recognition!!!

  3. Carolyn Olson

    —-Some of the best reasons to volunteer! “Connection” – I also see the work of the Holy Spirit – we don’t “volunteer” – we are called!!!!

    That’s a stunning picture of you!


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