Last Thursday evening while driving Special Olympics athlete Kenny Patton home from a sponsor recognition dinner, I became a greater fan of acceptance.  Webster’s defintion of the word accept is “to give approval to – to receive willingly something offered.” 

With about fifteen miles to go, Kenny and I decided to listen to the radio.  A rock and roll song from the 1980’s came on, and Kenny started to sing.  He knew all the words and as it turned out, so did I.  Without hesitation, the solo quickly became a duet. 

I can’t remember the last time I felt so uninhibited.  Singing at the top of my lungs with Kenny gave me a feeling deep within that took awhile to identify.  You see, I can’t sing worth a hoot and yet I felt perfectly comfortable knowing that Kenny not only accepted the noise I was making – he happily received and approved of my participation.  He happily received and approved of ME, which allowed both of us to fully enjoy the moment.

The Kennys of the world not only offer the gift of acceptance, but by their example, they remind us the importance of sharing it.  If we would only follow their lead – more hearts would sing.


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6 responses to “Acceptance

  1. Paula

    Hi Randy~~Thank you for sharing your inspirational experience with Kenny. It touched my heart with joy! Sometimes I am reminded that what is really, really, really important is not so much what is judged by the mind but what is experienced with the heart and soul. I celebrate the gift of self acceptance and self expression! Love and Light~~Paula

  2. Theresa Amaya

    Dear Randy –

    What a wonderful story about acceptance! Sometimes those life lessons happen when we least expect it, and become the most meaningful. Thanks for sharing. May our hearts sing for freely more often.


  3. karin Waldrop

    how nice. I feel the same when I’m with my Athletes. They make you feel so good!

  4. Lizzy

    I know what you mean Ms. Randy. Although I feel comfortable being myself around most people, I can truly let go and have fun around my students and other Special Olympic athletes. As you say they accept us for who we are, no matter how bad we sing or dance. I am truly blessed to work wih our individuals not only in the school but within Special Olympics. Thank you fo giving me the opportunity to be part of Special Olympics New Mexico.

  5. Pat Dodson

    What an awesome story! My athletes make me laugh all of the time and I am glad to be a part of Special Olympics Clovis. Thanks for all you do for SONM!

  6. Randy,

    Great story…you can always sing around me too!


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