God’s Workmanship – Mrs. Eunice Kennedy Shriver

I’m sitting here trying to figure out what words I can possibly say to adequately describe Mrs. Eunice KennedyDSCF4589_300 Shriver’s contribution to our world.  How can we begin to honor her life “enough” for all that she did to bring dignity, celebration, and  hope to over three million Special Olympics athletes and their families? 

When I think about how it all started in Mrs. Shriver’s backyard with a handful of people challenged with intellectual disabilities, I am reminded of the scripture   that says “For we  are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”  Regardless of your theology, religion, or beliefs,  if you ever had the opportunity to talk with Mrs. Shriver, you would find it hard to deny that she was prepared by God to better the lives of those who to this day suffer unjustly because of their disability.  Mrs. Shriver was a woman of faith, a woman of prayer, and perhaps the  only way to adequately describe her life’s noble work is “God-given.”

Today, a television reporter asked me if I thought Special Olympics would change now that our founder is gone?  I told him I thought the light she provided while alive will burn even brighter.  You see, Special Olympics from Mrs. Shriver’s perspective was never about her – but always about that one athlete in any town or village living in the shadows, standing on the sidelines, waiting for the chance to be included.  Eunice Kennedy Shriver’s legacy will live on brightly in the face of any child or adult who will for the first time because of the Special Olympics movement participate in sport and see themselves differently.  SHE was always about THEM  and thanks to her work, we have a greater understanding that THEY are US. 

Eunice Kennedy Shriver made our world a better place.  We will miss her and will forever be grateful to her.


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2 responses to “God’s Workmanship – Mrs. Eunice Kennedy Shriver

  1. Landon Martin


    Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts on the loss of Mrs. Shriver, and rest assured the world shares in your loss as well. What she accomplished in her years with Special Olympics is nothing short of a miracle, and she will never be forgotten.

    As for the continuation of the Special Olympics, I too agree that it will continue to flourish and grow, and that will be done under the guidance of a truly dedicated and supportive staff, and an army of volunteers who have chosen to dedicate their lives to a cause for which there is no negatives. Mrs. Shriver will forever live in the hearts and minds of every single person who has ever witnessed the joy on the face of a Special Olympics Athlete as they receive their medals, and those who have had the honor and blessing of being able to stand side by side and experience that one moment in time that a person with intellectual difficulties gets too feel for the first time what it’s like to be victorious in their efforts, and more importantly what it’s like to be totally accepted as a member of our society, for they are no longer seen as “handicapped” or “different”, they are seen strictly as ATHLETES.

    Mrs. Shriver was an Angel on this earth, and is without question an Angel in Heaven, who will work through each and every one of us as we continue to support this amazing organization, and all it works for.

    Mrs. Shriver can rest in peace knowing that her dreams will live forever, thanks to the calling that you and the thousand upon thousand of others like you have answered.

    God Bless,



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