“Are You Out of Your Mind?!”

Those would be the words my mother spoke when I told her that this Friday I will be repelling down a sixteen storyNMBandTbuilding building to raise money for Special Olympics New Mexico.  “How can I not do it, Mom – it’s for our athletes.”  I spoke those words with conviction, hung up the phone, and broke into a cold sweat.  The truth is, a few weeks ago the idea of Going Over the Edge didn’t really bother me.  Now that we are three days out, I am starting to spend sleepless nights wondering how I’m going to be.  I used to climb trees when I was in elementary school and now occasionally brave a ladder to check the status of the swamp cooler on the roof of my house.  But NEVER have I stepped off of anything and lowered myself down sixteen stories – in front of a crowd of people – people who know me.

This is going to take mustering an unfamiliar amount of courage.  It would be easier not to do it.  I’m wondering about our athletes and the first time they step onto a court or walk to the start line.   I’m wondering if I will be as brave as they are or end up changing my mind and backing out.  I’m wondering if the answer to my mother’s question is “yes.” 

I’m wondering what I will have to say about all of this in my next Thoughts from Randy.


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2 responses to ““Are You Out of Your Mind?!”

  1. Nancy B

    What a creative way to celebrate your birthday this weekend Randy! Be brave in the attempt – and wear pampers – just in case!!
    Buddy is going down 31 stories at our OTE on Friday the 13th (November) Whooppeee

  2. KellyL

    You Go Girl!!! You can do it!

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