I Never Looked Down

OTE Randy 300So let me start by saying going Over the Edge is now ranking right up there as one of the most amazing things I have ever done in my life.  I’m not kidding.  From the moment I put on the helmet and was strapped into the harness – I was in an altered state.  Simply walking onto the roof was beyond words, but having to take that single step off the top from a backwards position – take charge of the rope that dictated the pace  of the sixteen story downward rapel – and on the way down attempt to wrap my head around what I was thinking and feeling – WHEW. 

For sixteen stories I wondered.  I wondered if having to search deep inside myself and dig past my fear was the same process our athletes go through all the time.  I wondered if hearing my heart pound as I stepped off the roof into the unknown was the same pounding they hear the first time they jump into water, grab a hockey stick, or climb onto a horse?  I wondered if the cheers I heard below meant the same to me  as the cheers they hear when they compete?  I wondered if the tears of gratitude and accomplishment that rolled uncontrollably down my face the moment I hit the ground were the same tears I see on their faces when they bow their heads to receive their medals.

The truth is – I really didn’t have to wonder at all.  I knew.

In closing, if you are reading this and wondering if you should or even could Go Over the Edge next year – don’t wonder.   I promise it will rock your soul, give you an adrenaline rush like you’ve never had, and you will absolutely love it.


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2 responses to “I Never Looked Down

  1. sylvia storey

    it’s all for the athletes. Good job.

  2. Are you nuts? Well, I am proud of you! Amazing!
    I can’t imagine what the insurance company said about this. 🙂
    Good job! –Lois

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