Eye Level

There is something unique about the beginning of a new year.  It feels very similar to when I coached.  With every new season there was much to look forward to – and having not yet lost,  hope was abundant.

Entering into 2010, I find myself thinking about hope.  Hope for change in our organization that will enable us to make more of a difference throughout New Mexico.  Some changes will show up in big ways and others will come in small ways, but for sure,  to quote our very own Tim Shriver, “the majority of change will come through the pathway of relationships, and you can’t form a relationship unless you’re at eye level.”  I think Tim’s right about that.  If we are to influence change for the good in the hearts and minds of people in our communities, we need to get at eye level with them, and we need to create ways to get them at eye level with our athletes.  If “we” all are the link – what can “we” do that we aren’t doing – or what can we do more of to make 2010 an entire year of relationships?

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