No Higher Virtue

The language of sport has always been something that rings true to me.  Words like achievement, opportunity, character, effort, celebration, determination, joy, respect, celebration, personal best – these are words that grew in me the first time I picked up a ball – the first time I ran with a purpose.

The language of Special Olympics is also something that rings true to me.  Words like tolerance, acceptance, dignity, togetherness, kindness, inclusion, empowerment, courage – these are words that grew in me the first time I attended a Special Olympics Games.

There is also a language of intellectual disability that sadly rings true to me.  Words I can barely read.

Please take just a few minutes of your day to watch a short, but impactful video from Special Olympics (see the link below).  As you watch, listen and read the messages, and it is important that you do – make sure you never forget the language of these words – there is no higher virtue than loving each other.

Click here.

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  1. Deb Larson

    Randy…thanks for your leadership of such an important outreach and for focusing on the inner beauty of these precious ones! I am so grateful for YOU and your devotion to make an impact in the lives of these dear ones!

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