Picking a Theme.

Each year my staff labors over trying to pick a theme for the State Summer Games.  Finding something everyone can rally around and relate to isn’t as easy as it sounds.  We have in the past chosen the sport of baseball, rock music, car racing, College Game Day, Hawaiian shirts, and last year’s Ancient Games of the Olympiad (just to name a few). 

This year’s State Summer Games theme is “Celebrate New Mexico!”  If you don’t like it – sorry – it was my idea and this is why I chose it.  In my opinion – we have a lot to celebrate.  Our diverse cultures and costumes, our red and green chile, our vibrant colors, our unique plants and animals, our mountains and deserts and caverns, our stories and traditions, our patron saints and pottery, our hot air balloons, our music and our dancers, our sports teams, our sunrises and sunsets – there’s just a lot of great things that show up each and every day to remind us that we live in an amazing place.

One of the greatest things about New Mexico, however, is found in our people – and if you choose to attend or paticipate in our 2010 State Summer Games, you will see what I mean.   You will experience moments of kindness, selflessness, and dignity that will stop your heart.  You will witness courage, effort, and a new definition  of accomplishment that will stay with you long after the Games are over.  You will see the joy of sport without the baggage, and you will step outside of your own stuff, become engaged in the lives of others, and through the process,  feel yourself change. It is then you will spontaneously Celebrate New Mexico, knowing that the change in you and hopefully everyone else at these Summer Games has made New Mexico an even better place to live.

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  1. Debra

    Bravo again Randy!!!!

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