One of my favorite quotes by William Shakespeare is “If you can look into the seeds of time and say which grain will grow and which will not, speak then unto me.”  That says to me that most of us are often quick to presume what an outcome will be.  Shakespeare’s words showed up once again a few days ago, as I watched thirty-two Special Olympics athletes compete in our 2010 State Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition.

If you have never seen Special Olympics Rhythmic Gymnastics – it’s quite amazing.  Bear with me on this technical part.

Depending if you are a level one athlete or a level two athlete, you will perform four different routines using a ball, a hoop, clubs or a rope, and a ribbon.  Each routine has its own  music that can last from twenty seconds to two minutes.  You are judged on six elements that include floor pattern and direction, elegance, amplitude, flexibility, and general impression. 

I like all of the routines, but I love the uncertainty of the ribbon.  Depending on the athlete, the ribbon length can range from two meters long (six feet) to six meters  long(18 feet).  The ribbon is attached to a wand and like a conductor leading an orchestra,  by swirling the wand in the air – the ribbon forms patterns of  rainbows, spirals, and circles. In one fell swoop that ribbon can get wrapped around an arm, a leg, or any appendage it can find, and once that happens, the whole routine gets goofed up in a hurry as the music plays on.

On Sunday when the ribbon did go astray, every athlete not only pushed through it somehow untangling themselves, but they managed to creatively finish with dignity and an abundance of glory.

I left thinking that some seeds many think will never fully grow-flourish.  And sometimes if we are patient and don’t presume disaster – we get to gaze on an entire field of a whole lot of  PAZAAZ!!

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