Their Favorite Things

In the last Brief I shared with you thoughts from our National Games coaches.  This week I spent some time  interviewing Team New Mexico’s National Games athletes to find out what they had to say.  I just wish as you read what they told me – you were able to hear their voices. 

Terrence Dorsey – Aquatics.   “My favorite thing at the National Games was meeting different athletes from different states – New York, Texas, and Florida.  I’m super glad I went and winning the Gold Medal in the 50 backstroke was the BEST!”

Mary Sue Strahan – Bocce.  “This was my very first time to go to a National Games, and I REALLY enjoyed it.  I liked meeting different athletes from different cities.  It was interesting to find out what they liked.  The competition was tough, and I couldn’t believe I won two medals!  My Mom and Dad were very proud.”

Chase Turri – Golf.  “My favorite part of going to National Games was being able to to be a part of Team New Mexico.  It was great to get to know everyone better.  Everybody I played against at golf was competitive.  The guy I played the last day, Wesley from Connecticut gave me a great challenge.  I didn’t expect to win the Gold.  Winning the Gold at State is one thing, but winning at the National Games was a whole different thing.”

Jocelyn Zuniga – Track.  “My favorite part of National Games was just meeting people.  I liked being on the track team with Michael, Diana, and Terrance.  The competition was hard, but I won a silver and a bronze.”

Ashley Leiby – Rhythmic Gymnastics.  “Um … having fun.  Being with my team.  Would do it again.  Ate spaghetti every day.”

Ryan Hanson – Bowling.  “One of my favorite things was meeting Harrison Ford.  He’s a great guy.  I liked my new friends from Minnesota.  I had a very exciting time, and I am very happy I went.”

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