On Saturday, September 25th, the world will celebrate Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day by honoring Mrs. Shriver’s vision, commitment and achievements.  Can you even imagine having a day named after yourself and if that were to happen, what  that day would represent?  Think about that for a minute.

On EKS Day all over the world there will be Special Olympics sports clinics, unified sports activities, educational seminars, fundraising events, and all kinds of things happening to draw attention to the gifts and abilities of people challenged with intellectual disabilities.  The United States Special Olympics Programs are strategically planning activities specific to each of our states that will speak powerfully of one person’s ability to make a difference in the lives of our athletes.  We have given thought to what Special Olympics New Mexico might do to fully embrace Mrs. Shriver’s passion for unity, and this is what we have come up with.

The power and potential of what can happen in one person’s backyard still exists.  It all started in Mrs. Shriver’s backyard – and on Saturday, September 25th it will continue in ours.  We are inviting everyone in the SONM family across our state to open their backyards to friends, neighbors, athletes and family members for food,  fun, and a tribute to our Founder.  We encourage outdoor recreational sports, green chile cheeseburgers on the grill  🙂  and conversation around the impact Special Olympics has made on each of us.  We are hoping that stories of courage, acceptance, opportunity, and love will fall on new ears, as well as remind those of us who have experienced the Special Olympics joy that there are many in New Mexico still waiting to be included. 

Whether you are a Law Enforcement Torch Runner, a Special Olympics volunteer, a community partner, unified partner, family member or athlete – chances are your life is richer because Mrs. Shriver opened her heart and home to others years ago in the name of Special Olympics.  Let her legacy live on throughout New Mexico.  Let’s ALL throw a backyard party! 

(Please call Oscar at 856-0342 or email him at Oscarsolis@sonm.org  to let us know what you’re planning and where it will take place.)

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