Two years ago the Eunice Kennedy Shriver (EKS) Fellowship Program was created to serve as a way for building a cadre of professionals to lead Special Olympics programs in developing nations.  For six weeks the Fellows receive hands on experience at Special Olympics Host Programs and intensive learning experiences at SOI Headquarters.  While in the United States these Fellows also utilize their time developing a Special Olympics project which addresses specific needs within their home countries.

This year there are seven Fellows who will represent the global initiative of enhancing Special Olympics around the world, and I am excited to share with you that  Special Olympics New Mexico has been selected as a Host Program.  Thursday evening September 23rd Moses Ondeng of Kenya will arrive in Albuquerque.  Moses is the Senior Sports and Games Officer at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology and has a Master’s degree in Adapted Physical Activity.  His project is to change attitudes about people with intellectual disabilities by creating a Special Olympics Sports Day involving athletes, parents, care-givers, and schools.

Having spent a couple of days with Moses in Washington DC, I fully believe all of us will learn as much from him as he does from us.  It is my hope that he will leave Special Olympics New Mexico not only having had a truly meaningful experience, but having met and made many truly good friends.

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