Missing Them.

Whenever this job feels like work, it takes me longer than it should, but I can usually put it together long enough to figure out why.  99% of the time my mental and emotional state in this job is directly proportionate to how much time I have been able to spend with our athletes.  We have not had a competition since November – and all I can say about that is Area Poly Hockey Competition on Saturday can’t get here fast enough. 

I miss our athletes and here are just a few reasons why. 

I miss being called “Wandy.”  I miss sweaty uniform hugs.  I miss brutally honest, short and sweet moments of conversation followed by permission to laugh or cry without having to think if it’s politically correct.  I miss the sounds of celebration – lots of celebration – and the spontaneous expressions of joy that happen afterwards.  I miss athletic performances that throw me into fits of high fives with perfect strangers.  I miss tremendous displays of courage and the kind of compassion that makes me want to stop time and just stay there forever.  I miss being with people who don’t know my title or care what it means.  I miss watching people dance – freely. 

I miss our athletes and what they bring to my life and if you are finding yourself in this fourth week of January kind of grumpy about circumstances and tired of  your work – figure out WHO you are missing and do something about it.  I’m thinking it works for everyone.

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  1. Chris Castillo

    Randy I couldn’t have said it better!!

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