Facebook, Twitter, and Blogs – OH MY

A couple of weeks ago I attended a professional development session at the Special Olympics National Business Meeting entitled “Leadership and Effectiveness Among Nonprofits.”  I went in thinking I would be hearing thoughts around leadership development, when surprisingly,  it turned out to be two hours well-spent learning about social media assets and their potential to build  organizational capacity. 

I learned about hash tags, bitley links, and  brand identity – but more importantly – I learned that no matter what this baby boomer might think about how we communicate these days – our world is never going back to the ways we used to do it.  Darn it.

My personal Top Three Reasons for Special Olympics New Mexico investing in and embracing social media are as follows – 1)  it gives our athletes a way for their voices to be heard by the masses  2)  it provides an innovative and instant way for people to put their passion into action and 3)  it’s a great way to share an experience and tell a story – and who doesn’t love a good Special Olympics story!

Having said all that, I invite you to join Special Olympics New Mexico’s on-line community through Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.  Families, athletes, volunteers, corporate partners – we welcome your Special Olympics stories, your celebrations, your opinions and your questions, your photos, and whatever else you would like to share with your Special Olympics family. 

Bite the bullet – learn how to get engaged – and although it’s taken me awhile to really mean this – I look forward to seeing you on-line!

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  1. Christine Sandoval

    You go girl!!!

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