Probably like me, many of you have a box with “stuff” you have kept from your past – personal treasures.  We rarely open that box, but consider every single thing in there meaningful.  In my box, among other things, there’s a girl scout badge, a softball trophy, and a paper I wrote with an A+ written in red across the top.  One of my prized possessions is a certificate that I was given for serving as captain of my basketball team. It has a special place in my heart because my teammates were the ones who picked me.

Since 1994 Special Olympics New Mexico has attempted to honor people in our organization for their Distinguished Service by presenting them with an award.  This year our awards presentation will take place at the Closing Ceremonies of the Four Corners Invitational in Farmington.  The nine award recipients have made a significant difference to our athletes through their distinguished service.  Although we will celebrate those who were selected next weekend – today I celebrate those of you who paid attention to what they were doing and were inspired enough to take the time and submit a nomination.  Your action reminds me that although there’s never enough time to do everything – there should always be enough time to do something that shows our appreciation for others.

Who have you thanked lately, and how have you thanked them?

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  1. Anonymous

    Gratitude for these kinds of selfless acts has no measure. You are right on, Randi, with this acknowledgment of those who would rather give of themselves than think of themselves.

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