They Did and They Will

Saturday I had the pleasure of attending my first wedding where the bride and groom were both Special Olympics athletes.  Love showed up everywhere at this wedding, and so many moments were tender and “simply them.”  I left that cathedral in Santa Fe feeling like I had just attended the wedding of all weddings. 

The Priest who presided over the ceremony did a beautiful job of creating a  message that all 700 of us could relate to. He compared marriage to competing in an Olympic Games.  🙂 

His first point was PREPARATION, explaining that you don’t just show up and run in the Olympics without having prepared for it. He talked about how much work has to be done before the Games even begin.  He shared that our bride and groom started as friends years ago and that over time, their families became friends.  They all “worked-out together” to give themselves the best chance for this marriage to succeed.

His second point was about SHOWING UP.  How much courage it takes to be there – to make a commitment and keep it – day after day after day.  He talked about the fact that there would be good days and bad days, but the most important thing would be that as husband and wife, they honor each other and themselves by continuing to show up.

 Lastly, he spoke about PARTICIPATION.  He said that unlike other sporting events where winning was what mattered most, Special Olympics was all about participating.  He told us that doing one’s best is the thing that makes participating worth celebrating! He congratulated them for embracing that.

I’ve never been married nor have I competed in an Olympic Games, but I thought his three points were relevant to life in general.  Prepare, show up, and participate – each one important – all three necessary.


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2 responses to “They Did and They Will

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  2. Anonymous

    Even if I’d never been a Special Olympics coach, I’d want to wish this lovely couple all of life’s best – Congratulations and Best Wishes !

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