Let me start by saying my Thoughts this week have nothing to do with Special Olympics.  It’s the beginning of Fall and in my opinion, the best time of the year in New Mexico.  Forgive the poetry, but we have crisp mornings – sunny afternoons – and beautiful warm evenings.  The skies look bluer, the air is filled with the delicious smell of roasted green chile, and every time you walk outdoors, there’s a strong sense of  “it’s good to be alive.”

The Fall is also an extremely busy time, as well.  Almost too busy – and it’s easy to fill every minute with something and rush through every day going 100 miles per hour in an attempt to get things done.  Here’s what I think about that. 

When my sister and I were kids my Mom, who was a fourth grade teacher, used to give us permission to take a day off school and make it our own.  She could sense when we were feeling overwhelmed.  She called it our mental health day.  Most of the time I would sleep later, pack a lunch, and then head for the outdoors – usually the forest behind our home.  I would wander through the woods, listen to the sounds, stare at the shapes of the clouds, and dream – about everything.  It was a day spent by myself with myself – doing something I loved in a place that I loved. 

What I know to be true is that when those days were done, I was always in a better frame of mind, and I felt better.

Working hard, staying involved with family, and simply dealing with the bombarding circumstances of daily life are all necessary for survival – but so is a day to one’s self, out of the ordinary routine. 

If you are feeling like you need it – and because this is such a beautiful time of year – I will close by saying you have my Mom’s permission.





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2 responses to “Permission.

  1. Randy, thanks for posting this. It brings back wonderful memories. My mom used to do the same thing as yours when she sensed I was getting too focused on school. Imagine that now! She worked, but she would sometimes take a day off from her job, excuse me from school, and we would spend the day together. Aren’t you and I lucky to have had such wise mothers?

  2. Anonymous

    As always, your thoughts are so wise. One of the best realities of life is to recognize a day or two once a year to acknowledge that you get up in the morning and feel too good to go to work, Taking a day away from my business life to renew my spiritual sense of self always pays many didvidends to both my employer and me.

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