A Better Place

Over the past few months we have had several athletes from around the state pass away.   Whenever it happens, I often hear the words – “Well, (he or she) is in a better place now.”

I would guess all of us have spent time thinking about what happens to us when we die -where we will go, and what it will be like.  I for one have thought and read a lot about that subject and have chosen to believe there is a Heaven.  To say that I believe it is a “better place” is a tremendous understatement.

Last weekend for fifteen hours I watched 603 athletes challenged with intellectual and physical disabilities participate in our Regional North Bowling Competition.  I witnessed passion, accomplishment, excitement, laughter, relationship, joy, compassion, freedom, safety, dignity, belonging, appreciation, encouragement, sharing, respect, and love.  Although Starlight Lanes is a very nice place – we weren’t in Heaven – there were just lots of  moments that made it feel that way.  Here’s my point.

There are so many people with and without intellectual disabilities who are living each day lonely, wishful, sad, bored, unfullfilled, and unloved.  While we still can, it’s just not right if we don’t do something more to make their world and our world a Better Place.

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