A First

This week I received a letter from a law office in Denver, CO informing me that Special Olympics New Mexico would soon be receiving $4,052.39 from a woman who left us in her will.  I believe this is the first estate gift we have received in the nineteen years I have worked here.

When I read the letter a lot of thoughts went through my mind about who this woman was; what motivated her to leave us a gift; what she might like her money to accomplish.  I wish I could thank her in person and share with her all of the things we have been working on and are hoping to get done over the next three years.

For some reason, I feel a different kind of attachment to this donor who took the time to stop and think about giving a gift that would come to fruition upon her death.  I have thought more about interpreting the meaning of her act.  Giving is intentional. It has the power to change, to teach, to provide, to inspire, to create and to sustain.  It speaks to our abundance and deepens our thankfulness.  As important as giving is – this woman’s act along with every gift that is given on behalf of our athletes reminds me there is equally as much to be gained by receiving.

Receiving connects us – and that my friends is one of the best gifts of all.

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