Two Words.

This week there’s been two words that have lived in my head and my heart, and I decided to express those words out loud in this final blog of 2011.  You may be thinking “Merry Christmas”  – and as much as I LOVE and treasure this time of year and hope that each one of you fully experience the wonder of this season – those aren’t my two words.

Special Olympics is a movement of unseen acts of kindness.  Not only in New Mexico but all over the world, people are giving gifts of time and love on a daily basis that go unseen and unnoticed.  No plaques – no letters of commendation – no pats on the back.  These kind deeds are intentional, and they are most often simple, humbling, and beautiful.

There are too many instances to share, but just to give you an idea – they include the many coaches who on a regular basis drive athletes back to their group homes after practice because if they didn’t – those athletes wouldn’t get home.  There’s the countless number of elderly citizens who commit $10 dollars they don’t really have on telemarketing calls to help send  Special Olympics athletes to Special Olympics Games.  I am reminded of the day of event volunteers who mail birthday cards to athletes they meet at our Games – later discovering that these would be the first pieces of mail those athletes have ever received.  And then there are the chaperons, who starting at midnight often end up changing bed sheets throughout the night because sometimes at Special Olympics competitions – things like that just happen.

You probably have guessed that the two words I have chosen to share are “Thank You,”  and I mean those words from the bottom of my heart.  For honoring the spirit of Christmas not just this month but all year-long, may each of you be blessed.

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