Our Neighbors Our Friends

Two weeks ago a multitude of New Mexico’s Law Enforcement Officers and Cadets partnered with seven Applebee’s in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho to raise money for Special Olympics by doing a Tip-A-Cop.  The long and short of this Law Enforcement Torch Run event is that officers serve as “celebrity waiters” and donate all their tips to Special Olympics.  They refill glasses, sing songs, do push-ups – and for the average Joe simply walking in to get something to eat – the night can turn out to be quite entertaining and a lot of fun.

I have on several occasions over the years talked with Tracy Ortiz, one of Applebee’s Area Directors, about why her restaurants have been so willing to partner with us. Without hesitation she goes right to Applebee’s philosophy which embraces not only being a part of the neighborhood, but supporting the people who live in it.

There’s a lot to say about what makes a neighborhood a good one.  I think Tracy and Applebee’s has it right.  Good neighborhoods are made up of familiar places that welcome people in and then serve them by actively participating in their lives.  We are deeply grateful to our cops and our Applebee’s for not only putting on a great fundraising event, but for making where we live a better place.

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