It’s Our Choice

When I was hired as the Executive Director of Special Olympics  New Mexico, a good friend called to congratulate me and in the very next breath, offered this warning – “Just remember, the higher up you go – the further away you get from doing what you really love to do.”  What I really loved to do was have FUN in my job – and lately, I am reminded of how important “fun” is and not only in my job.

According to Wikipedia FUN is a primary category of life.  They didn’t say what the other categories were, but just to have made that list is pretty impressive.  They go on to say that FUN can be encountered anywhere at any time and that it is different from enjoyment.  It’s more spontaneous, playful, and active.

We at Special Olympics New Mexico embrace spontaneous, playful, and active – so much so that we made it one of our organizational core values. This value is reflected and described as UNBELIEVABLE FUN – where we are to enjoy the excitement, enthusiasm, spontaneity, and laughter inherent in the Special Olympics experience.

I am inviting you to make the choice to leave the difficult circumstances or mundane events of your life and seek out what is FUN.   Should you need any help, consider this your personal invitation to Special Olympics New Mexico’s 2012 State Summer Games.  It is there you will find thousands of people who will gather for three days, and I promise you, FUN will not only happen – it will happen in a variety of ways and through people you would never, ever expect. Now just how fun is that!!


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2 responses to “It’s Our Choice

  1. You are right Randy,i had a short stint experience with SONM and i must confess its an experience i will never forget,i wish i was able to come for the games. Keep on with this blog,its quite inspiring to read always. Say hi to all my friends over there.

  2. thoughtsfromrandy

    We all miss your smiling face and slower pace. 🙂

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