Together Makes Better

I love watching our athletes compete.  There are a few performances over the years that have for whatever the reason, stayed in my memory.  I am pleased to share that last weekend,  I witnessed one that is ranking right up there as one of my all-time favorites.

Allison and Emily Roberts are sisters, who competed as a Unified Team in our State Rhythmic Gymnastics Competition.  Allison is a Special Olympics athlete and is four years older than Emily.  Emily is a competitive dancer, and from the moment these two gracefully walked to the center of the mat, I knew we were all in for a treat.

I have watched Allison compete in Rhythmic Gymnastics for three years and always had the feeling that being “center-stage” was hard for her. She was a good little athlete, but timid. This year, however, Allison had “swagger.”  And in my opinion, it’s because she loved having her sister at her side.

Emily brought out an Allison I had not seen before.  Interestingly, as a competitive dancer whose focus lies in beating the opposition and being the best – Allison gave Emily a friendly  experience within the joy of sport that she had not had before.  Together on that mat, they were in-sync, in-touch, and involved in each other.

As I watched their every move performing routines using the hoop, ribbon, ball, and rope – it’s hard to describe exactly what it is that I saw.  However, I can tell you this – it was beautiful – it was unconditional – it was Special Olympics.


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3 responses to “Together Makes Better

  1. Anonymous

    Allison and Emily are incredible young women! Beautiful inside and out. Contratulations on such a wonderful accomplishment!!

  2. Margaret McNatt

    Randy – you nailed it in this article. As Alison’s coach for the last few years you are right she has performed well but it has been very hard for her to do. This year she was anxious in a different way – she couldn’t wait to get out there with Emily. I am thankful that Molly Sorce, State Rhythmic Director gave Rio Rancho the opportunity to add this event to the mix. Margaret McNatt

  3. I ran across this post this morning when reading another blog and to my delighted surprise I saw the face of beautiful Emily. Emily danced at the same studio my daughters did (my girls are younger) and the story you shared warmed my heart. The bond Emily has with her sister is truly amazing, but it is an example of the heart she has everyday. She became a role model for my girls and they look up to her, not only because she is a beautiful dancer but because of her heart and love for others. Such a treat to read this story, makes us miss Emily even more!

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