As I drove into work this morning thinking about new beginnings, my thoughts drifted from our organizational sIMG_2875trategic goals to the team of people I will be working with to make them happen.

I reminded myself that people determine potential – not salaries, not increased or decreased revenue, not the best strategic plan in the world – but people. In this case, I am speaking of a diverse group of people who will show up to work every day for the sole purpose of making a difference in the lives of New Mexico’s Special Olympics athletes and their families. I can tell you this group is creative, hard-working, opinionated, driven, and – most of the time – fun.

This year’s staff of veterans, rookies, and in-betweeners is learning how to work together to reach new heights and experience something greater. I’m thinking 2013 has the potential to be quite an amazing year. I’m thinking our athletes are going to love it.


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2 responses to “Us

  1. …and I’m thinking New Mexico Special Olympics has one of the best leaders around.

  2. Randy – beautifully said on January 2nd!

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