I hate admitting this, but a few weeks ago I melted the lens in my glasses trying to start a fire in my new fireplace.  I randyrealized what had happened when I went back to watching a basketball game on ESPN and thought my television had gone hay-wire.  The colors were dull, the players blurry, and it was like watching the game through wax paper.

When I got to my eye doctor he informed me I hadn’t seen him for five years, and that I should in fact be thankful for that fireplace, because probably I hadn’t been seeing very well for a long while.  During the weeks that it took to get my new glasses, although the world was fuzzy, I found perspective.

Not being able to see clearly is frustrating, tiring, and life is harder. Every time I wanted to whine about it, I would be mindful of the fact that our athletes would not be complaining, even though if they did – their quality of life would probably  improve.  If in fact it is not their nature to complain – is it not then our responsibility to look even closer at what they truly need but don’t express?

Right now I can see as clear as a bell, but they are the ones that deserve more than a blurry life.  I believe with all my heart that anytime we do anything that can make something better happen on their behalf, our true purpose for being here not only becomes a lot clearer, but amazingly vibrant.

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