All Four

A few months ago I read an article that detailed four ways to leave a legacy.  At first glance I thought it was going to be one of those “easy ways to accomplish great things by following a few simple steps.”  This time, however, I was pleasantly surprised and found nothing easy about it.

The author shared that whether matt and Eunicewe are intentional or not, every single one of us is going to leave a legacy and that how we will be remembered has everything to do with how we are living every day.  Here is my summary of his thoughts.

1.  A Legacy of Excellence – To leave a legacy of excellence, we make the commitment to strive to be our best – every day.  People who intentionally strive for excellence have a way of inspiring excellence in others.  We stay mindful of  giving all we can to the life we have been given.

2.  A Legacy of Encouragement – Each of us has a choice to make with this one –  we can lift others up or choose to tear them down.  People will one day talk about the choice we made.  Question to self – do I encourage or discourage?  Answer – have I or will I ever hear “Thank you, I couldn’t have done it without you.”

3.  A Legacy of Purpose – To leave a legacy of purpose, we choose to make our life about something bigger than ourselves.  When we do that – we  really do live on long after we are gone through the positive impact we have made in the world.

4.  A Legacy of Love –  Is there someone you think about who has passed away yet continues to hold a very special place in your heart?  When those people come to mind, we aren’t dwelling on their faults, mistakes, or the disagreements we may have had, but most likely – we are remembering their legacy of love for us.  Because of it – we are able to share that love with others ,who share it with others, who share it with others.

September 28th is the day we will celebrate Eunice Kennedy Shriver’s legacy.  EKS Day “Play Unified to Live Unified” is all about who Mrs. Shriver was and what she left us with.  In my opinion – ALL FOUR.  Miss you, Mrs. Shriver, and forever grateful to God for all that you did for our athletes.

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