Fear NOT

Last week Special Olympics New Mexico held our fifth Over the Edge fundraising event.  My role is to position myself at the bottom of the building with microphone in hand, and as people step backwards off the roof and begin scaling the sixteen stories marina 2downward – talk about who Special Olympics is, what we’re doing, and why we are there.

Once the rappellers land – I interview them.  Trembling, sweaty, and filled with adrenaline, I would say 99% are absolutely jazzed about what they just experienced.  One of my favorite responses this year came from Marina Resh, a Special Olympics athlete, who while screaming and wildly waving her limbs, seemed to savor every moment of her rappel like no one I have seen.

On her way to the microphone with every fiber in her, Marina shouted “Fear is just a part of life.”  At that moment she was living proof that only as we confront our fears can courage show up.  And when we make the choice to go there, we not only gain an edge on fear, we become more ready to face the next one.

Afraid of something?  An opportunity, a relationship, potential failure, a risk?  FEAR NOT – step off the edge and like Marina – celebrate the outcome.  After all – it’s just a part of life.

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  1. Anonymous

    my randy, you are over the TOP ! and thanks for that

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