We Gathered

One of the smartest things we have done as an organization is to bring our Local Coordinators, Area Directors, Head Coaches, Torch Run officials, Board members and Staff together in the same room at the same time, so that we all are hearing the same words.  In a workbookstate as large and diverse as ours – taking care of business together always creates a better and stronger organization for our athletes.

From a Chapter staff perspective – we all thoroughly enjoyed it, but then we were the organizers and presenters hearing ourselves talk.  The good news is, as I read the evaluations – it not only appears those of you in attendance liked it, too, but it also appears that our Core Values showed up right along with us.

Undeniable Respect – Encourage personal freedom to take actions and make decisions using individual skills and talents.

“As a relatively new delegation, there was a lot of information provided that was helpful.  It was great to learn what we have been doing wrong and how we can fix it.”

Unlimited Family – Create a sense of belonging where all are welcome and appreciated.

“I sincerely appreciate the new on-line forms and systems.  This will make things easier – even for an old dinosaur like me.”

Unquestionable Integrity – Conduct business in a manner that maintains the highest level of dignity and respect.

“All questions were answered with patient, professional responses.  (However, we could have used more coffee.)”

Unwavering Excellence – Demonstrate passion that brings the Special Olympics mission to life; taking risks and setting the bar high.

“It was wonderful to learn the breadth and depth of who and what Special Olympics New Mexico is.  I am grateful for the opportunity to have been at this meeting.”

Unbelievable Fun – Enjoy the excitement, enthusiasm, spontaneity and laughter inherent in the Special Olympics Experience.

“Plain and simply stated – it was really fun to be with all of you.”

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