As I was walking from one gym to another at our State Basketball Competition I saw him.  He was sitting on the floor with his back against the wall – crying.  Judging by his sweat-saturated jersey, I assumed he was feeling the agony of defeat, as his team had just lost a close game.  I sat down next to him  prepared to offer a lesson on losing, when this broken voice muttered  “I’m sad.  I just don’t want this day to end.”IMG_9781

Endings can be hard on all of us.  I struggled to find words, and thankfully found them in the form of a question?  “Are you going to be competing in Poly Hockey?” His eyes lit up, and his answer was a resounding “YES!”

It was yet another great Special Olympics moment – a reminder that viewing the end of one thing as the beginning of the next is a healthy perspective for all of us.

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