I can’t tell you how many have shared with me that they are just struggling to get into the Christmas spirit.  Less money, working longer and harder, running like mad to get things done – the stress and preparation around the Holiday is robbing many of us of the joy that was purposed for this season.

My thoughts today are if you aren’t quite where you want to be, and you  are feeling a little out of sorts – there is hope – a hope that comes when we intentionally feed our spirit.christmas-star

We all have ways of taking care of certain parts of us.  We eat and drink merrily, spend time with people we enjoy, make time to do at least one thing we love to do, and many of us go to great lengths to fill Santa’s list.  What we don’t do enough is spend time alone, quiet our minds, and feed the spirit within us.  The spirit that is waiting to remind each and every one of us that we are loved by God unconditionally.  Regardless of our “religious affiliation” or what we have chosen to believe or not believe – we are loved, and nothing we do can change that.  It is that love that feeds our spirit with Peace in our heart, Joy in our soul, and a Gratitude that never seems to end.

May your spirit be well fed this Season.  Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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