Not long ago one of the women I work with shared  this quote with me – something that she had heard during a television interview.  It is the perfect quote with which to enter into 2014.  “In God’s garden of grace even a broken tree can bear fruit.”  IMG_8561

All of us are broken in some way or another, and isn’t it just like God to use the least likely and most broken of us to bear fruit that can make  the biggest difference.  The kind of fruit I’m writing about is produced by what we do.  It’s what springs from our lives – landing on those around us.

In spite of the horrific happenings that go on daily, every act of goodness, kindness, and love that is rendered, no matter how big or small has the power to make a life better, a family better, a company better, a community better, an entire world better.  It seems only right that I take a moment to thank the athletes of Special Olympics, who because of the fruit they bear, will make all of us better this year.  I can’t wait to see what happens in them and through them.

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  1. Anonymous

    thanks to YOU- for being the soil, the mulch and the fertilizer to make them grow!

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