Last week I received a large brown envelope filled with letters.  The first was from an eighth grade teacher – the other 28 from her IMG_0505English Language Arts class.  They had completed a “Spread the Word to End the R-Word” campaign in their school, and through a variety of creative ways – raised $407.75 for Special Olympics.  I read each and every letter – some more than once – and at a time when we, the general public, are rarely given opportunities to hear what 8th graders have to say – I feel obligated to share their comments with you.  Enjoy.

“My feeling when we were doing this campaign was happy, because we were making a difference in our school.  Some of my friends and I started a “Lunch Buddies Club” where twice a week we eat with the special needs students.  We want them to have friends.”  Madison

“This campaign that my school and I did made me feel good.  It put a thought in my mind that if we try, we really can make a difference.”  Alexys

“My experience with someone with an intellectual disability is very strong.  I saw him and from there on we became friends.  It made me think that I should be grateful every day that I’m able to do things he can’t, and if it weren’t for him, I would probably never work as hard as I do now.  He is my inspiration.”  Ricky

“During this campaign I put up posters saying not to label people.  Labels are for clothes, so one day we wore our jackets inside out to show that.”  Megan

“This campaign brought everyone closer.  At first it was kind of awkward because we weren’t used to this kind of thing, but we soon got over it.”   Jeremy

“This campaign made me think.  I changed into a nicer person and a person that stands up for others.”  Javier

“I have been also trying to end the R-word in my house where my Mom and sister might accidentally say it.”  Mia

“This was a good way to show that everyone has potential, and we should treat everyone individually with respect.”  Naomi


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2 responses to “Letters

  1. Anonymous

    fueled by athletes inspiration, motivated by god, led by randy

  2. Anonymous

    I read this blog every time the Brief is published. You provide great inspiration for people from all walks of life. Thank You!

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