unnamed copyThe other day I received an email announcing that the 2014 Special Olympics USA Games would be taking place in 100 days.  I have since been reminded of that statement  from a few of our Special Olympics New Mexico athletes who will be traveling to New Jersey to compete in them.  The importance of that 100 days is that it is giving a lot of people something to look forward to.

If I were to ask you if you had anything planned  that you are looking forward to  and you were not able to  answer “Yes” – might I suggest the following.

Whether short-term or months away – something as simple as a night out or a one day trip – I would suggest putting something you would really enjoy doing on your calendar.  Why?  Because anticipation, expectation, looking forward to something has the power to shift our outlook on life.  Do not let lack of time or money be the reason you don’t do this, because there are wonderful things to do that don’t require much of either.  Plan something to do with someone you like and see if it just doesn’t brighten your day.

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  1. Evelynn

    Hey randy how are you doing today I am good

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