I was in a business leadership session the other day and took part in an exercise that I found interesting enough to share with you.  I am not one who usually participates in these kind of things with a good attitude, because for whatever the reason, they drive me crazy but this one got me thinking and hopefully, it will get you thinking, too.

On a piece of paper write down these four words – one under the other.  Work.  Family.  Health.  Spiritual.  Reflect back on the past 30 days and then assign a numeric value between 1 and 10 to each of those areas.  (1=best; 10=worst)  Be honest.photo1

In light of the scores you placed in each category, consider what you need to fulfill in the next 30 days, either to meet a commitment in those areas, finish a project, or better yourself or a relationship.  And then for each category – write a “to do” – the how you will take action.

I liked that this exercise narrowed my life into quadrants that are important to me.  I know that when I am able to give each their rightful amount of attention, I feel more balanced, fruitful, and fulfilled.  I have a 6 –  and I am glad because that darn 6 helped me start this morning different than I started yesterday morning, and the best part is – it has already made a difference in my day.




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