This past weekend I heard a woman pay tribute to her sister using “er.”  She described her as the one who was cuter, smarter, faster, funnier … etc.

Driving into work this morning I started toying around with that concept, and my thoughts drifted to our Special Olympics athletes and  what “er” I would use to pay tribute to them.  What came to mind was “kinder.”  I truly do believe people with intellectual disabilities are kinder.  So much so, that when we are in their presence, we not only realize that in comparison to them we fall short – we are inspired by them to do

I have asked myself this question and have chosen to now ask you – if someone was using “er” words to describe you, would kinder be included?  The wonderful thing about “er” is that it can be added and implemented at any moment we choose.  Can you imagine what it would look like if you woke up tomorrow and every person around you was kinder?  Can you imagine how it might feel to others if you were?  For sure we would all be happiER.



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