A couple of weeks ago I ran into the daughter of a very dear friend of mine.  Knowing my connection with Special Olympics she was thrilled to be able to tell me about her six-year-old daughter, Lucy, and Lucy’s best friend, Riley.

Lucy and Riley were born in 2008.  Their Moms were old friends.  Riley was born first, and to the surprise of everyone, she was born with Down Syndrome.  Lucy came three months later, and according to her Mother, “I believe it was God’s hand at work, not just in the creation of both lives, but as if to lay the path for a bond between these two girls like no other.  We may be the reason their paths crossed, but their friendship has grown – all on its own.  The girls seem to have a language that belongs solely to them, communicating not just through giggles and squeals, but in a way that is truly theirs.”

She went on to say that when out and about together, people often ask if the two are sisters, and that the response is always “sisters by choice.”

After our conversation, I received some beautiful photos of the girls and these words to go with them –  “It is my hope that sharing these pictures gives you a true reflection of the friendship and the INCLUSION – that is now our definition of PERFECTION.”

So many lives would change for the better if one day it was everyone’s definition of perfection.

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4 responses to “Perfection

  1. Lana Voga

    I love this!!!! THANK YOU Randy for sharing! – Lana

  2. Cathy

    Beautiful story!

  3. Anonymous

    What a beautiful and touching post! I am Riley’s mom and feel incredibly blessed to be able to watch these girls grow up together. Perfection indeed!

  4. There are so many beautiful aspects to this story. Lucy and Riley’s friendship in itself is beyond words, but it models the friendship of their mom’s, too. This story is about the friendship of four incredible souls who are examples for all of us. I am honored to know them and love watching Lucy and Riley grow together, truly a special bond to watch.

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