Mrs. Shriver

This Saturday Special Olympics will celebrate our founder, Eunice Kennedy Shriver.  You can Google EKS Day to find out more about the focus of the day – how our youth around the world are wildly embracing inclusion through Unified Sports.  It’s exciting beyond words.

Today, however, while thinking about Mrs. Shriver I had one thought.Eunice Kennedy Shriver

What it all boils down to is this – Eunice faced the choice that each and every one of us face – to choose a life of serving others OR a life of serving ourselves.  Her decision resulted in a movement that changed the world.

At the end of her life – our founder never had to say “If only I would have” or “I could have but didn’t.”

It is because of her choice and the impact its made that we should all be inspired to do the same.

Thank you, Mrs. Shriver.




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2 responses to “Mrs. Shriver

  1. Lana Voga

    thank you Randy for the reminder!!!

  2. Anonymous

    I adore here .

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