Happy Thanksgiving.  I have said, written, and heard those two words countless times the past few days and with each time, I have thought a little more about this American Holiday and what it means to us. peanuts

They say the first Thanksgiving, started by a group of Pilgrims and Native Americans, was a three-day feast.  Imagine being around that table.  I’m not sure why they stayed three days, but I’m guessing one of the reasons is that gratitude showed up.  You see, being thankful requires a little time.  Those Pilgrims and Native Americans didn’t eat and run – they stayed long enough to put the distractions and struggles of daily life aside, so they could give attention to each person at the table.  I’m sure the food was delicious and served its purpose, but it wasn’t just the feast – it was the fellowship.  As they met each other heart to heart – they recognized they had much more to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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