Jordan and Ellie

Even if you aren’t a golfer or have any interest in the game, it would have been hard to miss the story about Jordan Spieth, the 21 year old who became the second youngest player to win the Masters Tournament.  Unlike the year before, where he lead the tournament until the ninth hole of the last day and then crumbled under pressure, this year Spieth was absolutely unstoppable, and his performance was remarkable.

When it was all said and done, as he adorned the prestigious green jacket and shared his remarks, we learned that Jordan Spieth has a 14 year old sister, Ellie, who has autism.  He gave her credit for helping to shape him as a person.  He sharedjordan ellie that she is the most special part of their family, and often makes him reflect on the big picture of life rather than the small daily frustrations.  Jordan made it clear that Ellie is his inspiration and motivation.

Millions of people watching the Tournament on television that day heard about Ellie.  As he spoke, I wondered what they were thinking.  I wondered as they listened to this champion share his heart about his sister,  if they considered the inherent value of EVERY life.

There were a lot of meaningful words spoken that day, but perhaps one of the best messages shared came from Jordan’s Mom, who so eloquently said this to her son – “You wouldn’t be you without her.”


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  1. Shari Cordova

    I couldn’t agree more. Amen and AMEN!

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