Important Words

Last weekend I drove to southern New Mexico to watch our athletes compete in track and field and bocce.  My morning began with Joseph, a Carlsbad athlete, who told me if I drank three cups of coffee every morning I was eventually going to die.  I love our athletes.

I spent a good portion of the day not only watching our athletes compete, but watching those who were watching our athletes compete.  It reminded me of something I read years ago that stayed with me.  Intercollegiate athletes across our carlsbad athletescountry were asked what their parents said that made them feel great and added to their joy after they were done competing.  The overwhelming response was hearing “I love to watch you play.”

My thoughts are this: sometimes we immediately make suggestions for improvement, give words of encouragement, or sometimes we watch and afterwards say nothing.  Hearing “I love to watch you run” or “I love watching you help your teammates” or “I love watching you try so hard” is not only enough – it can mean everything.

From May 29th through May 31st over 900 Special Olympics athletes will travel to Albuquerque to compete in the 2015 State Summer Games.  I’m thinking all 900 would be happy to hear that we simply love watching them compete.

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