Themes and Dreams

Each year we select a theme for our State Summer Games.  This year’s theme is “DREAMS MADE HERE.”

I often wonder if during the course of their lives our athletes are ever asked what their dreams are.  I decided to take it upon myself to ask a number of them  about their dreams.  I am happy to share their responses with you.

Marina – “One day I want to be a Special Olympics coach or be involved in planning one of our Games.  I think I would probably be a pretty good fundraiser, too, so I would like to help with that.”

Andrew – “I dream about going to Disney World, and I dream about playing golf in a Special Olympics World Games.”IMG_3214

Kenny – “After competing in the World Games in Ireland, my dream is to go back there for a visit.  Top of the morning to you.”

Ashli – “When I grow up my dream is to have a family and work in special education.”

Sarah – “I have a dream.  I want to go to a National Games and play volleyball.”

Terrance -“My dream is to go to Central New Mexico University and better myself.  I want a new journey.”

Over 900 Special Olympics athletes will be competing in our State Summer Games this year, and they will come with dreams of winning a medal, having people cheer for them, being asked to dance, or spending time with old friends.  The point is – they will be in a place where those dreams can happen.  It is our privilege to help them come true.

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  1. Anonymous


    These comments are truly inspiring in understanding the meaning of SO to these athletes. You’re doing amazing things!!

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