Where Ever – When Ever

In 2011, 7-Eleven contributed $750 in support of Special Olympics New Mexico.  Inspired by our athletes, a few months later their Region Manager met with us wanting to do more – resulting in the first 7-Eleven Torch Run Icon Campaign.  Stores in Albuquerque and Rio Rancho agreed to sell Law Enforcement Torch Run paper icons to their customers for $1 each.  Two weeks ago Special Olympics New Mexico was presented a check for $32,589 from 7-Eleven, 711 Icon Drivethe result of the fifth annual six-week Torch Run Icon Campaign.  Here are my thoughts about that.

This campaign empowers 7-Eleven employees to engage their customers in a commoncause by giving $1 to something worthwhile in their community.  If you talk with those employees – they are really proud of the success they have had in sharing the Special Olympics mission with their customers.

Many customers enter those 7-Eleven stores with the intent of purchasing something and then leave having given their dollars in support of the Special Olympics athletes in our state.

Our athletes then benefit by the dollars raised, the awareness created, and the thought that a whole lot of people care about them by giving them the chance to play sports.

Through this campaign there is value for the seller, the buyer, and the recipient.

The mission of 7-Eleven is “to make life a little easier for our guests by being where they need us, whenever they need us.”  We thank you 7-Eleven for being there for ALL of us.

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