My Team

We may not be the perfect ten, but we are ten people who come to work every day to do everything we can to give New Mexicans challenged with intellectual disabilities the chance to play sports and experience a fuller, funner 🙂 and more meaningful life.  We are not only committed to changing the lives of our athletes – we are grateful for who they are, because they have changed us.  It is my pleasure to share with you how.  As you look at this staff photo from left to right –


Erin Gallegos, Communications Manager, 3 years.  “Special Olympics athletes have taught me how valuable sharing our differences can be.  Years ago, I never would have imagined being friends with so many people who I once perceived to be so very different than me.  Now, I am friends with countless Special Olympics athletes.  They are truly some of the greatest people that I have ever met and have taught me that we really aren’t very different after all.”

Ethel Gregory, Director of Coaches Education, 5 months.  “The Special Olympics athletes have changed my life through their teachings.  The most profound came through observing their competitive attributes.  They compete in the purest sense of the word.  They strive to win, give their best, and celebrate their outcomes.  During and after competition, they exude transparent sportsmanship.  From the sidelines, I have learned and been blessed.”

Scott Hardy, Law Enforcement Torch Run Liaison, 1 year.  “They have inspired a spirit of kindness and giving in me by example.”

Victoria Gonzales, Community Outreach Specialist, 12 years.  “Special Olympics athletes have taught me about joy.  How to be present and value an experience or accomplishment for all that it is.  We tend to think of all we don’t have, worry about the unknowns that lay before us, but our athletes have taught me that in doing so, we can miss the joy of the moment.  The celebrations, lessons, accomplishments, and tiny milestones that come with being brave in the attempt are sometimes more valuable than the victory itself.”

Chris Page, Director of Sports and Competition, 22 years.  “I am inspired by our athletes’ spirit and courage.  They embrace so many things we take for granted – things that are truly important in our daily lives.  Simple things – being nice, being accepting, being appreciative, valuing friendship.  Our athletes love to congregate, share, and have fun.  It’s almost as if they seek these rather than react to them like we do.”

Jayne Thurman, Director of Volunteer Affairs, 7 years.  “Our athletes have made me a more patient person.  Enough said.”

Alice Hanson, Director of Finance, 7 years.  “Our athletes made me realize that coming in third place is just as much of an accomplishment as coming in first.  Having fun at playing the game is the point.”

Randy Mascorella, Executive Director, 23 years.  “Our athletes give me a
deeper understanding of the inherent value of every life.  They draw me closer to God and simply by who they are give greater meaning to the word Love.”

Oscar Solis, Law Enforcement Torch Run Operations Director, 9 years.  “The presence of our athletes has given my life clarity in what it means to not only serve the needs of the members of my community, but to engage with them and grow with them.  When I see our athletes I see what true spirit lives in all of us.”

Christine Roybal, Director of Development, 13 years.  “Our athletes make me want to be a better person.  They are most often so kind and bring real happiness to those around them.  Those two things inspire me to work at being more like them.”

Our athletes are why we do what we do, and I love the team of people I get to do it with.

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