The past few weeks Special Olympics New Mexico has celebrated the growth of our state’s Law Enforcement Torch Run, begun the work of creating our next multi-year strategic plan, and thoroughly enjoyed a successful Unified Team Bowling Tournament.  Each of these have served as reminders of the journey taken to get where we are today.  Within milestone-imagethose journeys, there have been milestones along the way – milestones that represent progress and warrant celebration.

Milestones mean different things to different people, but perhaps one of the greatest perspectives was shared with me by a Special Olympics mom.

“When your child has a developmental disability, developmental progress is always subtle, frequently unnoticeable, and usually excruciatingly slow.  As a parent you are often left wondering whether your child is making any progress at all.  It makes me think back to my son’s first Special Olympics experience.  He went off to golf practice week after week – out of my sight.  When it came time for the Special Olympics State Golf Tournament, I saw my son stand on the medal stand and receive his first gold medal.  It was a defining moment for him and for me.  For the first time in his life, I saw him as accomplished – as having achieved something – as being a champion.  It changed not only how I looked at him, but what I knew I could now expect from him.  It gave me reassurance that milestones in his life could and would be reached.  It filled me with wonder about all the amazing things I then knew he would be able to accomplish.”

Considering the most recent work of Torch Run, our organizational goals for the next three years, and our remaining 2016 Competitions – I’d say reaching new milestones looks very promising.  I invite you to celebrate each one with us.




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