That’s Me

Last week seven people from Special Olympics New Mexico attended a training on creating sustainable funding for our organization.  Special Olympics Nebraska was also there, and as we spent time together, as often happens in the world of Special Olympics, we quickly became friends.  During one of the sessions, Jeff, one of the Nebraska Board members, shared the following  story with us.fridayso5d_2293

He said that his interest in Special Olympics came about through his son, Brady – an eight year old who was born with Down syndrome.  It didn’t take long for Jeff to join the Special Olympics Board and begin carrying out his Board member responsibilities.  One morning he was getting ready to speak on behalf of Special Olympics and decided to wear a polo shirt with the Special Olympics logo embroidered on the pocket.  He said his son bounded into the bedroom, looked at him, pointed at the Special Olympics logo, and shouted “That’s me.”

I’ve thought about that story in a million different ways, but today my thoughts about it are this.  The Special Olympics logo is something that Brady is proud of.  He is a part of it and has a place of his own in it.  Being involved and having a place is an important part of life – for all of us.  If you are reading this and seeking to find your own place to be proud of – might I suggest you consider Special Olympics.  If you have never sported our logo before, be assured we would be happy to help make that happen.




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2 responses to “That’s Me

  1. Amanda Williams

    Hi I am from special Olympics Bloomfield and we got gold this year and I love the logo of special Olympics

  2. LuElla Morris

    Randy, I have always enjoyed your letters. I Just wanted to to know that in Deming this weekend Battan Elementry is having a WDSD event…3-21. The event has grown over the past few years and now has to be held on the football field instead of the school gym. I am proud of the effort this school is making in its support of WDSD. Thanks for all you do for us. LuElla Morris

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