The other day I was talking with one of our coaches, who was sharing with me stories IMG_9726about her athletes.  Suddenly, she stopped half way through her sentence and  just stared at me.  “Randy, Special Olympics means EVERYTHING to them.”

I have been thinking about that EVERYTHING in relationship to my own life.  Sadly, I have a habit of taking EVERYTHING for granted.  My life is pretty “comfortable” and as much as I hate to admit it – that comfort level gets in the way of my paying attention to people that have real needs – needs that I can help fill.  With a willingness on my part to sacrifice – I could do more.  I often indulge myself with stuff that just doesn’t matter when there are way too many people with intellectual disabilities who go through life every day in dire need.  Dire need of friends, physical activity, and the opportunity  to accomplish something.

With that truth in mind, if you too are comfortable in your daily life – I challenge you to consider making a sacrificial contribution of your personal time or resources to Special Olympics.  Just think that by doing it, you could be giving someone something that would mean EVERYTHING.  How amazing would that be – for both of you?



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